MISSIONS at Lakeland Community

Being Christ in the World

Lakeland Community is a mission-driven Church.  The fabric of who we are is motivated by what we are actively doing outside of the walls of our building.

Whether it’s providing food and building a library for people in Anapra, Mexico, helping to bring hope to women with fistula in Liberia or rebuilding and restoring a house in downtown Kansas City to be used by The Hope Center – the people of Lakeland are most passionate about being active hands and feet for Jesus.

We are in the 3rd year of our financial challenge called FEARLESS.  This is our organized effort to provide prayer, financial and physical support to the missions listed below.

Anapra, MX

Lakeland joins other churches in our state to support a community of Christians just outside Juarez, Mexico.  The primary focuses are a monthly rice and beans dispensa that supports families in need and maintains and supports a library in order to support education and learning development in the Anapra community.


For nine years Lakeland has supported the persecuted house church in China by supporting mini-Bible schools, where young Christian leaders are trained in secret. These training centers are the primary way the gospel is being spread throughout the country.

Dignity Liberia

We can alleviate the suffering of women and young girls with preventable, treatable medical conditions. We can educate a generation growing up without functioning schools! Our current support helps schools and medical clinics.

Eastlynn House

Since The Hope Center was founded to lift up the urban poor living only twenty-five minutes from our church, Lakeland has been a supporter. The Hope Center provides a medical clinic, charter school, and youth training to an impoverished neighborhood in KCMO. We continue to renovate and invest.


Dozens of Lakelanders have had the opportunity to have their eyes opened and their hearts changed by a trip to Haiti. We continue our relationship with Global Orphan by sending pilgrimage scholarships for our youth.

Pro Deo Youth Center

PRO DEO Youth Center is a Lee’s Summit based ministry that provides almost every imaginable kind of support to local teens suffering abuse, depression, addiction, and neglect. They are the forgotten treasures of God growing up amid affluence, but without hope for themselves. We help by provide meals, trips, supplies and salaries when possible.

Veronica’s Voice

Veronica’s Voice is a Kansas City based ministry that helps women and young girls leave the sex-trade, lives of prostitution and exploitation. We support their efforts financially and through volunteer opportunities.