upcoming sermons and speakers

March 24: Pastor Garrett preaching. “Prayers of the Pharisee and Tax Collector” | “Christians are arrogant”. This is among the top reasons why people avoid church. Is this true? Does following Jesus make Christians better than other people? What did Jesus himself say about this?

March 31: Pastor Dan preaching. “Desert Wisdom”: Flee! Silence! Rest/Pray!" | These were the three admonitions Arsenius told the Cenobium as the call to contemplative prayer. This call is so very needy today.

April 7: Pastor Dan preaching. "Grief, Death, Spiritual Death" | Grief is the application. Death is the subject. Our culture doesn’t believe in death. But Christianity does - and it has an answer: resurrection. How dead was Jesus? All dead, not just mostly dead. What can be gain from embracing death? Life.




Fully Participating Membership Class

March 31, April 7 and April 14 at 10:30a | Conference Room

Are you interested in becoming a Fully Participating Member at Lakeland? Do you have questions about Lakeland's history and values? This class is for you! Pastor Marta is leading the Fully Participating Membership class at the end of March. Sign up to take this class via forms through the APP or Lakeland Connect. 

Email Pastor Marta with any questions at:

Hartwig Service Dog

The Hartwig family has just received their service dog especially matched for their daughter Ruby.  Ruby's dog comes after much prayer and investment.  He will be "on the job" and working while with Ruby at all times.  In light of this,  we are asking that we resist all temptation to engage with the dog.  The goal for the dog is to be with Ruby and assist her and our commands or actions can actually hurt this process and distract the job from doing his job.  We also ask that we not bring our own pets or emotional service animals to church in order to help this family and this dog with his job.  The dog is to only answer to  Ruby and other members of the Hartwig family and not to anyone else.  So while we may still engage in conversation with any member of the family, we must not pet, talk to or engage the dog in any way.  Praise God for His provisions and for a church family who can support this endeavor!

Small Groups - Spring Season sign-ups

March 31 - May 18

If you are interested in joining a new small group, fill out the "Spring Small Group" form through the APP or Lakeland Connect.

Email Pastor Marta with any questions at:

At the Well T-shirts

Available for purchase for $15 | Lobby

At the Well Women's Ministry shirts, with their logo on them are available for purchase Sundays during the month of March.

Email Crystal Belt with any questions at:

Confirmation Milestone

March 31-April 28 during first service | Youth Room

All 7th and 8th grade students and their parents are invited to participate in the Confirmation Milestone. Students and parents will attend the class together during first service. The class will cover foundations of Christian faith and will include an invitation to get confirmed or baptized in the summer. The cost is $30. Sign-up by March 17 via forms on the APP or Lakeland Connect.

Email Twila Lahey with any questions at:

The Clearing Summer Trip "Into the West"

July 7-12

All current 8-12 graders are invited to the Clearing Summer Trip. Participants will road trip to visit 4 National Parks! Cost is $295 before March 24 and $350 March 25-June 2. The price is locked in when the $100 deposit is received. Sign up via forms through the APP or Lakeland Connect. 

Email Twila Lahey with any questions at:

Lakeland Camp

August 16-18 | Youthfront West

This year, Lakeland Community goes to the wonderful world of Disney! Sign-ups begin March 17 with early bird pricing ending April 8. Join us at camp for a variety of outdoor fun, indoor games, worship, teaching, adventure and fellowship. Something fun available for every age and stage! Sign up via forms through the APP or Lakeland Connect.

Contact Pastor Garrett with any questions at: