Taylor Qualls  The River Director



Taylor grew up in Lee’s Summit. In 2011 he left for Southwest Baptist University where he majored in Christian Studies and Psychology and met his wife, Ashley. After graduation they moved back to Lee’s Summit where Taylor started working on his MA in counseling at MidAmerica Nazarene University. That same fall started working at Lakeland as an Emerging Leader. Over the first fall he was here he became passionate about creating a space for college students and young adults to share life and live in community together, and thus The River was born. In May of 2018 he will graduate from MNU as a licensed counselor.

Personal Memory

I would say that most of my favorite memories are split between traveling with my wife and time spent with our community. Ash and I love traveling, especially hiking. We spent two weeks hiking (part of) the Camino de Santiago, which was one of the best and hardest things we’ve ever done. We’ve spent time in England, France, China, and all around the United States. In contrast to those adventures, I absolutely love the time we spend with our community at home. To know and be known is one of life’s greatest joys. Whether it’s playing a game together, having meaningful conversation about life, or getting into one of those laughing loops where everyone is laughing and you don’t even remember what you’re laughing about, but all you know is you might not make it through this one….Those sorts of times are my favorite.


I love hiking and being out in nature in general. I could probably be called a board game addict, and I’m generally excited for any sort of game. I love playing ultimate frisbee and reading theology. Also good food is always fun. I also know WAY to much about Marvel (the cinematic universe, I became a nerd too late in life to get on the comics train) and once I see Avengers: Infinity War I will be content to die.