Luke Saulsberry  Multi Media Director




Luke’s parents were Pastors so he inevitably grew up in the church and started serving in Technical Ministries at a very young age. Luke received a Bachelors degree in Organizational Communication and received a Masters in Administration and Leadership. Luke worked in a variety of professional positions all the while serving in Technical Ministries, which lead him to realize God’s calling on his life and transitioned to Technical Ministries full time. Luke joined the staff of Lakeland Community in 2018. Luke supports the audio and visual needs of Lakeland and through this collaboration seeks to enhance and compliment the vision of Lakeland. Luke lives in Lee’s Summit with his wife, Emileigh and their children Bransen, Charleigh and Beckett.


Personal Memory


Luke’s special memories include nerf gun fights with his dad, brother and sister which resulted in the furniture being flipped on end and excessive amounts of yelling and screaming for no reason; traveling to the great outdoors especially Yosemite National Park; marrying his smoking hot wife and the birth of his children.


Luke enjoys playing with his kids, being outside, constructing/fixing things and playing Clash of Clans, Hog Rideeeersss!