A Journey

into the story of God alongside friends.



life in Christ with imagination and faith in a safe place.


A Community

of love for God and each other in the name of Jesus.


Arriving at the Trailhead

Middle school is a critical time for identity formation.  Students need a place where they can be known and cared for by a village of mentors.  They need a safe place to explore faith through creativity and imagination.  They need friends for the journey and opportunities to connect and grow together.  At The Trailhead we think its critical to guide students into the stories of God where they can find their true identities and learn to live as a community of faith, hope, and love.

Things we do

At The Trailhead we build a community of faith through fun activities and worship.  We explore life in Jesus through small groups and a variety of imaginative stations designed to help students learn about, experience, and pray through the stories of God.


A time to belt out the songs of God and his people.


A time to build community and loosen up.

Small Groups

A time to share life together and laugh till it hurts.


A time to use depth and imagination to explore the stories of God through a variety of stations centered around prayer, experience, teaching, and fun.


Our volunteer leaders are the heartbeat of The Trailhead.  Volunteer roles exist in three categories: Trail Leaders, Station Leaders and Support Leaders.  All of these categories work together to help immerse students into the stories of God where their true identities are found.  Watch the video to learn more about the different volunteer roles.

Contact for more

Adam Lipps

Adam Lipps

K-12 Director

Adam has been attending Lakeland Community Church since fall of 2007, working with students since 2008, and on staff since 2012.  Adam graduated from Truman State University with a degree in psychology, obtained a law degree from the University of Missouri, and recently graduated from Nazarene Theological Seminary with a Masters of Divinity.  Adam and his wife, Hannah, have been married since 2012 and have a son named Owen.  Currently, Adam is a director of K-12 ministry and the Emerging Leaders Program at Lakeland.

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