around the Campfire as a community seeking God!

Tell Stories

about God and his love for his people!


songs of praise and joy to the Lord!

Stories around the Campfire

Elementary school is the perfect time to begin to learn the stories of God and to understand the importance of building deep and long-lasting community.  Jesus said that those who wish to enter the Kingdom of God should “become like children” (Matthew 18:3).  There is something about the carefree exuberance of kids that closely connects to God’s own heart, and here at the Campfire, we embrace this energy and the posture of having fun while we grow closer to God and to one another!

“Our 6 year old reminds us every Sunday morning that we have to go to Campfire to learn about Jesus. She loves it so much that if we don’t go she’s very disappointed. I personally love how the volunteers are super friendly to her.”

– Jessica Nunez

Things we do

At the Campfire we strive to be a community of faith that grows and learns alongside one another through fun activities and worship.  We connect with one another and with God in small groups and through a variety of imaginative stations designed to help kids learn about, experience, and pray through the stories of God.

Small Groups

Sharing the ups and downs of life together, and everything in between.


Singing (and even dancing) for God!

Story Time

Learning the narratives of Scripture that teach us about God’s never-stopping, never-giving-up, always and forever love for his people.


Exploring these stories of God on a deeper level, through stations designed to connect with a variety of different learning styles and personality types.

Building the Campfire

Our volunteers are not just a PART of our Campfire ministry – they ARE our ministry!  Our team is a group of people who enjoy sitting and sharing stories with our kids – stories about their own lives and stories about God.  A variety of different serving roles exist in our community, everything from Greeters and Registrations helpers to tech support to small group shepherds and station leaders.  Watch the video for more information on our specific serving opportunities!