In the beginning

Your child is just beginning their amazing journey through God’s story

Like a Child

Discover the beauty of the world every moment again and again through a child’s eyes

Make a joyful noise

Every week we sing together to praise God in an exciting way

The Start of Something BIG

Early Childhood is such an important time in a child’s spiritual development because they are observing and soaking up everything around them. God is present in each moment and kids in this stage are eager to learn more about God’s story.

Babies, toddlers, and pre-school aged kids are the future of our church community. Their journey in God’s beautiful story has just begun. We put passion, love, and intentionality into everything we do in order to lay the foundation for their spiritual development and support parents as their child’s primary spiritual teacher. We strive to foster an environment that will create a spark in their soul that, when fanned, will set their hearts on fire for God.

“I not only know my children are safe and enjoying a lively lesson, but I also know they are being loved by the many volunteers who know them by name and welcome them with big hugs and warm smiles.”

– Katie Schultz

“Lakeland’s Early Childhood area is a place where Emily can not only play and get to know other children her age, but experience God’s grace and be surrounded by the community at Lakeland.”

– Laura Christian

Brinkley loves interacting with the volunteers, playing with all the fun toys, and snack time.  Knox loves creating artwork that goes along with the bible verse that they are studying that week.

– Brianna Ganson

Things we do

On Sundays, we do all sorts of activities to engage those little balls of energy. Everything we do connects to and supports the monthly bible story. It’s exciting to see that by the end of the month the kids are telling the story to each other and have really soaked it up.

Bible stories

We spend a month learning a bible story in various ways with felt boards, drama, and story books.

Sing songs

Our songs are exciting and active!

Play games

These games support fine and gross motor development, cooperation, and connection to bible story.

Fun crafts

We incorporate crafts that encourage motor development, small group interaction, and connection to the monthly bible story.

A heart for Children

To serve in the Kindling means you are a part of God’s story of love in a very fun and active way. You play with and guide the kiddos each week to know that God made them and God loves them. Through singing, dancing, games, crafts, and bible stories we introduce kids to the story of God’s people, welcome them into community, and act as the “kindling” for their spiritual development.

Upcoming Events

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Micki Elton

Micki Elton

Early Childhood Director

Michelle (Micki) grew up in central Illinois (among other places) and then attended Truman State University where she graduated in 2002 with a Bachelor’s in Health Science, emphasizing on Health Education. Micki has worked in various positions, such as substitute teaching, the YMCA and the Jefferson County Health Department, preschool teacher as well as being a stay at home mom. While working these jobs she has also volunteered her time with many organizations such as Special Olympics of Missouri as the Health Promotion Coordinator for the Healthy Athlete Program, volunteer coordinator at her former church and she is currently PTA president at Prairie View Elementary.  Micki lives in Lee’s Summit with her husband Jay Elton and her children:  Jonah and Avery.

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