All ministries from Adult to Pre-K

MINISTRIES at Lakeland Community

Adult Ministries

There are a variety of ways to build close relationships, learn about Christ and grow closer to God.  Small groups, Redemptive Communities, Mercy Street, Respite Care, Retreats, Camps, etc.

The River | Young Adults

College and life in your twenties is a time of transition.  We don’t really need programs, we need friends to walk with us through the change and struggle. We need people to have fun with and laugh with. We’re learning to be that kind of community and those kind of friends at The River.

The Clearing | 9-12

High school marks an important time in the journey of life.  As we gain more independence and begin to claim our faith as our own, it becomes even more important to surround ourselves with a loving community of friends and mentors who desire to propel one another toward a life of love and faith in Christ.

The Trailhead | 5-8

Middle school is a critical time for identity formation.  Students need a place where they can be known and cared for by a village of mentors. At The Trailhead we think its critical to guide students into the stories of God where they can find their true identities and learn to live as a community of faith, hope, and love.

Campfire | K-4

There is something about the carefree exuberance of kids that closely connects to God’s own heart, and here at the Campfire, we embrace this energy and the posture of having fun while we grow closer to God and to one another!

Kindling | Pre-K

We put passion, love, and intentionality into everything we do in order to lay the foundation for their spiritual development and support parents as their child’s primary spiritual teacher. We strive to foster an environment that will create a spark in their soul that, when fanned, will set their hearts on fire for God.