Lakeland Event Space Policy

Facility Use and Guidelines:
The amount of time rented should include time to setup and cleanup the event. This is critical in respecting other reservations, facility maintenance, and security. Fees will be accessed immediately if any member of the party enters prior to or past the rental time frame.
Open flames are not allowed in the building. We do not provide, linens, and decorations. No tacks, pins, tape or adhesives may be used to fasten any decorations on walls, seats or furnishings.
Events with alcohol are required to utilize a caterer with a state liquor license and city permit for the event. Selling of any Merchandise, Product, or Service is strictly forbidden.
Advertising or marking for your event may not contain Lakeland’s logo or name, instead refer to our location as “913 NE Colbern Rd”.

Organizations Eligible for Use of Lakeland:
All rentals are subject to the approval of Lakeland elders, staff members and / or the facility director. Lakeland reserves the right to refuse or cancel any reservation or building use for any reason, including but not limited to political activity and/or activities deemed to be incompatible with the values or vision of Lakeland Community Church. Any event may be cancelled due to unforeseen Lakeland Community Ministry events.

Fully Participating Members of Lakeland Community:
You are expected to be present during the entire reservation to ensure the building and guests are safe. You are expected to setup and clean up your own space and leave it ready for Sunday morning unless instructed otherwise.

Contact Us:
Trevor Smith
Facility Director
Phone: 816-554-0929 ext 130