Christmas Wishlist

At this time of year, many of are looking for worthy causes to share our charitable dollars with. We have seen God’s blessings and we are ready to respond in gratitude. However, even within the kingdom of God we know there are tens of thousands of causes which you might support in 2016. 

This year we would like to offer several CHRISTMAS WISHLIST items which would benefit your home church and community in hopes that you would consider making a special Year-End Gift.

We are crowdfunding our Christmas Wish List. You can donate any amount you would like and we will periodically update the totals to show you where each project stands in relation to the total need.

$0 of $20,157 raised

emerging leaders: College Interns 2017 to work with Youth and Children

Four Part-Time college students and two parT-time support staff trained in ministry, working with our youth and children.

Why is this important?

Without these interns we will need to hire a Part Time Campfire Director (K-4) and discontinue our Emerging Leaders Program in the Fall of 2017. We place a high value on: training up a new generation of ministers; the energy these interns bring to our Sunday morning children and youth programs; and the high school mentoring program.


  • Provides High School Students with Mentors
  • Gives our kids energetic, dedicated ministers on Sunday Morning
  • Invests in the next generation of Christian leaders.

$0 of $12,000 raised

Parking Lot Fund

Striping and Sealing – Already have $8000 saved, need $4000 more to complete
Side Walk Crumbling in front of main entrance (est. $4000)
Parking Lot Islands Crumbling ($4000)

Why is this important?
At present our parking lot looks worn and faded.  Without a blacktop seal water and ice will widen the cracks and create costly potholes. Some studies show people are deciding whether or not to return to a new church before they ever enter the building. Lakeland is a safe caring community filled with sharp people; a crumbling fading parking lot does not accurately reflect who we are. We have been saving for several years for this repair, but need $4000 to complete it in the Spring of 2017.

  • Prevents costly potholes
  • Conveys an image of professionalism and care

$0 of $9,000 raised

Gift to The Hope Center – inner city ministry

The Hope provides a variety of programs for urban families and children

Why is this important?
The Hope Center depends 100% upon the support of the community and churches to provide early childhood training, character training for youth, Christian leadership training for High School students as well as Bible studies for men and women. They also rehabilitate neighborhood homes and were initially responsible for the creation of the Hope Leadership Academy Charter School and Hope Family Care Medical Center. Without this gift one or all of these programs will suffer, further increasing the despair and hopelessness we see plaguing our inner cities on the nightly news. Christ can bring Hope to Kansas City!

  • Invests in inner city children and youth
  • Encourages and supports our Christian brothers and sisters in the urban core
  • Provides valuable community resources to our neighbors in Kansas City

$0 of $8,000 raised

The River: Additional Part-Time Hours for Young Adults Ministry

Moving our Director of Young Adults Ministry from 10 to 20 hours a week.

Why is this important?
Lakeland’s ministry to college and post-college adults has taken off faster than expected. Praise the lord! The Elders would like to invest more in that ministry by providing additional hours to our Young Adults Director who has done such a good job shepherding that part of the congregation. Without these additional funds the ministry will struggle to minister to all the young adults who are wanting to be a part of it.

  • Provides additional leadership hours for Young Adults Ministry.

$0 of $3,500 raised

South Hill Earth Moving

Halting the advance of erosion toward our air conditioning units

Why is this important?

Our single most expensive pieces of equipment are the air conditioning units for the main sanctuary. However, a steep hill behind the building has been eroding toward those units for years and is now very close. We would like to move that earth back and build an inexpensive retaining barrier with grass and trees to draw out the moisture and protect our HVAC equipment.


  • Halts the advance of erosion
  • Protects our HVAC equipment

$0 of $2,660 raised

Staff Computer Fund

Increasing the Productivity of Our Growing PART-TIME Staff

Why is this important?

We have saved significant dollars this year by utilizing more Part-Time staff instead of hiring full timers for new ministries or after someone retires. However, two (or even four!) part-time people trying to share one computer station is complicated and decreases efficiency. We want to give our talented staff the tools they need to serve us well!


  • Increases efficiency of all staff
  • Maximizes the savings of several part-time positions

$2,500 of $2,500 raised

Sound Booth

Replace folding tables and plastic tubs with constructed cabinet

Why is this important?
We have a top-notch sound mixing system. However the gear associated with that equipment is not securely stored. Vandals have already cost us hundreds of dollars destroying items around the sound booth. Additionally, our level of professionalism goes up: the sound booth is the first thing new guests walk past and right now, with inadequate storage, it sometimes looks downright messy.

  • Safely and securely stores expensive gear around our sound booth
  • Gives a more professional impression to new people who often sit near the sound booth.

$0 of $1,800 raised

Quarterly Fellowship Gatherings

Provides a main course for our community meals

Why is this important?

Three or four times a year we have been hosting potluck dinners. These are important times of fellowship and connection for new folk and members alike.  Jesus continually demonstrated his acceptance of people by joining them for a meal.  While “potluck” provides salad, sides, drinks, and deserts it doesn’t work well to provide a main course for six hundred people!  This fund would make sure we always have some beef or chicken as the meal’s main course.


  • Provides important times of community
  • Makes sure no heavy burden falls on a few families to provide a main course for community meals

$0 of open ended goal

THE BONUS ITEM: Debt Service Fund

(For you Dave Ramsey “Nerds”. You know who you are–and God bless you for it!)

  • Very soon we plan to extend the terms of our loan and buy down points on a new mortgage contract.  We already have $95,000 saved from “above budget” giving since 2011 for this purpose!  
  • Experts say only 1 in 10 people truly understand the value of helping churches retire their debts early so that hundreds of thousands a year can flow into ministry instead of mortgage interest.  If that’s you, help us meet and exceed our Christmas Wish List goals!

TOTAL WISHLIST GOAL $59,617 + Bonus Goal


What if WISH LIST ITEMS are funded but the General Budget for utilities and salaries is not met?
IF this were to be the case, WISH LIST funds would be diverted to General Budget until the basics of running the church were taken care of, then all Fully Funded Projects WOULD happen.

What about projects that don’t meet their goal?
Elders will consolidate partially funded projects into the top funded projects.  Better that the projects most important to the congregation be fully funded than all remain in a state of partial funding.