These are the official marks of Lakeland Community Church. At Lakeland Community we maintain a consistent use of the logo in conjunction with the Lakeland Community Icon, found in the next few pages.

Do not stretch manipulate, change, or borrow from the logo images in any way.

The width of the outmost edge of the LOGO’s left edge of text should be clear on all sides.
The width of the outmost edge of the ICON’s cross should be clear on all sides.

Must use logo in all communication unless there are space limitations. Always use the icon as the main identifier for communication pieces.


Lakeland Community Church has many audience. While it is most effective to communicate in slightly different ways depending on the audience, the way we talk about ourselves as a church should be consistent.

Approved Designations for the church are:

  1. Lakeland Community Church* Please note, this must be used prior to or in conjunction with the following uses for formal applications.
  2. Lakeland Community** Please note, this is the primary designation and should be used for application excluding formal.
  3. Church*** Please note, this can only be used after and in conjunction with previous uses within the same body of text.
  4. LCC (sparingly)

Unacceptable usage of church reference:

  1. Lakeland
  2. Lakeland Church

In written communication, Lakeland Community, should be spelled out when the church is first mentioned or “LCC” may be used (for example, when space is at a premium), but otherwise it is not preferred. Communicators should make efforts to explore other options before using “LCC.”


Lakeland Community Church’s attributes are a good place to start when considering the general attitude voiced in communications, and these descriptors help to further qualify these attributes.