If Eichmann was a perverted monster, then the trial would have been no big deal.” Instead,...
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Are Demons Real?

On Ash Wednesday I mentioned an ancient Christian fighting off a demon. Here's the actual story from Abba Elias: An old man was living in a temple and the demons came to say to him, "Leave this place which belongs to us," and the old man said, "No place belongs to...

Is Social Media Bad for the Soul?

I am working on an article about gluttony. Yes, that's right... that old archaic sin of gluttony. I believe our American culture has evolved into an insatiable instantaneous cult of appetite. Maybe what gave me energy for this was the Super Bowl Doritos ad that...

Charity is the doorway to prayer

Eventually every earnest young Christian asks, "So if a gangster steals and gives the money to the church, is that okay?" The desert fathers reply 'yes.' Why? First, let it be said there were no more morally perfect Christians than the desert fathers - ever. Those...

Dan Wilburn

Dan Wilburn

Founding Pastor

Dan is the founding and Senior Pastor at Lakeland Community. He is charged with making disciples and envisioning the church. Therefore, he leads contemplative retreats; taking retreatants through a multi-year program of spiritual transformation learning how to listen to the voice of the Creator God, fall at the feet of Jesus the Redeemer, abide in the Spirit of God.