Lakeland Athletic Field

Lakeland Athletic Field

Practice Facility

Our field is 182′ x 82′

 Soccer           Lacrosse
Softball           Baseball
Ultimate Frisbee

Liability/ Waiver Form

Please Download and Return the PDF waiver form

Athletic Field Reservation

Peak Season: October – March

Prime Time: 5pm-9pm

Full Field – $120

Non Prime Time

Full Field – $100

Off-Peak Season: April – September

Prime Time: 5pm-9pm

Full Field – $80

Non  Prime Time

Full Field – $60

Lakeland Athletic Field has determined the demand for Half Field reservations has become so low, that we are removing the option.  We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.  This will not effect any half field reservations that have already been reserved.

Red entries are Half Field and may allow up to two per hour.

Questions or Comments?
816-554-0929 ext 131