Lakeland Community Church began in 1995 in the living room of Dan and Laurie Wilburn. They wanted to create a church for people who didn’t go to church. Thye wanted a place where people who didn’t know the drill, the language, the rituals, and the stories could come and hear the life changing message of Jesus in a way they could understand and apply to their lives.

This has remained the hope and vision of Lakeland Community Church. Since 1995 Lakeland has met in a daycare, above a restaurant, and in a movie theater. In 2005 Lakeland purchased the All Star Family Sports Arena at 913 N.E. Colbern Road and changed it into the latest home of Lakeland Community Church (keeping one indoor soccer field!)

Each week and throughout the week people of all ages and all walks of life are hearing and applying the Way taught by Jesus Christ. You can find members of Lakeland making a difference for themselves and others on Sunday morning, throughout the week in their homes and neighborhoods, serving the homeless in the inner city, serving special-needs children on Saturday night, and traveling the world to China and Mexico in His name.

Come and see for yourself what God is doing at Lakeland. Explore the claims of Jesus. Join his world-changing movement! Especially if you have never been to church or if you have been burned by church, Lakeland can be a fresh beginning for you!