We’ve enjoyed speaking with Mary Holeman, our most recent My Story Lakelander. To wrap up our interview, we ask Mary how she stays involved at Lakeland.

“There’s a lot,” Mary says with a big smile. “I’m a greeter/usher, and I like helping out in the nursery. I don’t have any grandchildren so I get my baby fix there,” she adds with a throaty laugh. “I’m also part of Welcoming the Stranger.”

A member of our interview team mentions that Mary has remained involved with other initiatives throughout her years at Lakeland.

“Oh yes, I started Lakeland After Dark, my people and a few other non-Lakeland friends just to spend time with in a social setting. I did Lectio Divina.” Her smile softens. “I was honored to be a part of one of Dan’s Lectio Divina first retreats. I’m just so blessed to be here.”


From her sparkling St. Patrick’s day outfit to her boisterous laughter, Mary’s story has been a joy to share. We ask her for one last thing before she goes; a fun fact about herself. “I’ve been on four cruises, and the last one, a Lakelander asked me ‘Can you be ready to go on a cruise in a week?’ I got to go on a free cruise after someone dropped off. Another blessing!”

Thanks for sharing your story with us, Mary!

For from His fullness we have all received grace upon grace.

-John 1:16


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