It’s not uncommon to hear our community mention the unique, fun elements that make Lakeland home. From Star Wars references to our worship team’s incredible rendition of “Africa” by Toto, we’ve heard many incredible stories over the years.

But as we chat with Mary Corbett Holeman, our My Story Lakelander for the month of March, she surprises us with a few more stories.

When we ask what she’s enjoyed the most about Lakeland, she throws her head back and laughs as her St. Patrick’s Day shawl sparkles under the lobby lights.

“Oh man, there’s been so many fun memories of Lakeland. Ninja pastor…” She pauses as laughter overtakes her.

As our laughter subsides, the conversation turns reflective. Mary sits for a moment, her smile softer but still happy as she reflects on what’s made Lakeland into a community and support for her spiritual growth.

“I still have trouble with faith and the story of Jesus. Sometimes those doubts still creep in and then I remember that Dan is very intelligent and faithful. So many follow him. He helps me have faith that the gospel story has to be true. I have trouble trusting myself, but if I have someone like Dan that I respect and trust, they help me believe. It’s a miracle. I try to tell anyone with young children that you are so blessed to have found Lakeland and have them experience it, too.”

About My Stories

Every month Pastor Marta Gillilan and members of the Lakeland Social Media Team interview an individual, couple or family. From struggles in faith to joyful events, Lakelanders are sharing their stories through the “Humans of Lakeland” blog series. Get to know the people who call Lakeland home.