We’re sitting down with William Howard for our My Story interview. William relaxes on the leather sofas with Pastor Marta. While we loved learning about William’s beautiful family and his passion for music, we switch over to a deeper topic: struggling with faith.

When we ask if William has ever struggled with his faith, he leans forward and steeples his fingers, pausing as he reflects on his spiritual journey.

Finally he takes a deep breath and speaks. “I always feel like I’m not up to par. Especially with how I grew up I struggled sometimes with wondering whether what we were doing was right. I had a hard time relating. It’s a constant and I wonder if what I’m doing is right but I try to just keep on.” He looks up at us. “But I grew up in a great household and both my parents were always supportive.”

One of the things we appreciate the most about the Lakelanders who agree to be a part of our My Story features is their honesty and vulnerability in sharing some of their deepest questions and struggles. It helps us strengthen our community. This leads us into our next question for William: how does he feel about Lakeland?


William smiles. “Lakeland’s good. We found out about it as we were going to another church and the commute became a struggle. We had come to Lakeland before when it was at the movie theater and then came back several years later.”

He leans back against the sofa cushions and his smile widens. “We’ve been here almost 11 years now. We came in very cautiously. We didn’t join any groups. We didn’t get known until my parents started coming.” He chuckles. “My parents asked if they could go to the same church and jumped right in, which kind of forced us and it was a good thing.”

About My Stories

Every month Pastor Marta Gillilan and members of the Lakeland Social Media Team interview an individual, couple or family. From struggles in faith to joyful events, Lakelanders are sharing their stories through the “Humans of Lakeland” blog series. Get to know the people who call Lakeland home.