To kick off our interview, Pastor Marta asks William to share a little about himself and his history regarding his faith. William leans forward, his voice deep and tinged with humbleness. “I grew up in church. My mom was the church organist and pianist. My father was the deacon and on all the committees. We were there all the time.”

When asked if he experienced a spiritual or religious epiphany moment growing up, William pauses. “No,” he answers with a shake of his head, “I didn’t really have a big spiritual moment.” A small smile quirks his lips. “I was in church all the time. I became saved in 4th grade at a summer camp. It was just what I did.”

William now has a family of his own. Despite the busyness of the past year, they’ve managed to stay active at Lakeland. William serves at the Kiosk in the Lakeland lobby on Sundays and his wife, Jennifer serves in the K-4 Campfire ministry. 

William smiles as we ask about his family. “We have two kids, Andersen and Alexa. My wife, Jennifer, and I are coming up on 18 years of marriage. We started out in a stressful time when we had both graduated, she was getting ready to go graduate school and we were going to move to Alabama. It was a crazy but good time.”


“I like to DJ,” William shares with a grin. “My favorite music, I grew up in the 90’s in the suburbs so I always enjoyed hip-hop. Right now my radio is set to 103. But I listen to all kinds of music. Anytime Mike Zung is playing the banjo on Sunday mornings, I know something’s about to happen!”

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