We’re chatting with Wendy in the Lakeland lobby. Wendy and Marta relax on one of the brown leather sofas as Wendy shares her adventurous side. 

“I scuba dive.” She chuckles. “I did take a risk and packed up and moved to Hawaii. I’ve worked for an architecture firm, Sprint, Beauty Brands…” During her adventures and travels, Wendy and her husband, Dan, have experienced some incredible coincidences. “When Dan and I moved back from Hale we were renting a house and the house we lived in before Hawaii was for rent. We rented it, and then almost a year later the couple we rented from sold us our house back!”

The house, and all the other places Dan and Wendy shared, housed a family. “We have two girls and five grandchildren.” A proud grandmother’s smile lights her face. “The oldest one is twelve.”

“Oh yeah.” Wendy leans forward, her eyes bright, her hands fluttering as she recalls her travels under the sea. “The incredible finds like colors, the coral that looks so delicate, you got to marvel at the stuff that God made…” She starts to stutter with excitement and trails off with a little laugh. “I love that part, just being able to witness the great creativity and the sense of humor that God has with some of those weird fish. I think sometimes he did it just because it was fun. It’s unbelievable.”


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