We’re sitting with Hannah Parrish in Lakeland’s lobby, relaxing on the leather sofas as she shares her story.

Hannah shares that she’s recently committed to participating in another ministry: Women’s Contemplative Retreats.

She leans forward, hands clasped together as talks. “Something I’m excited about is the Women’s Contemplative Retreats. I signed up for that and it’s very exciting to experience God with other women and see what their life journeys have been and learn from them and their experience.”

When asked about what motivated her to try something new, she laughs, a pale pink appearing in her cheeks.

“Before I attended Lakeland I thought retreats were for lazy people who were just trying to get away from life.” She pauses and holds up a hand. “But,” she says with a smile, “once I got here it allowed me to see all the benefits, slow down and to see God in everyday life, where he’s at, where he’s working. It’s been an amazing way for me to connect with God, one I didn’t picture before.”


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