Jenn Beard relaxes on one of the leather sofas in Lakeland’s lobby. Along with traveling and staying connected to friends and family, Jenn is an active member of Lakeland’s worship team. Not only does her voice harmonize beautifully with the other singers, but her natural energy and enthusiasm help her inspire the congregation and bring God to them through music.

When we ask her what question she’d like to answer next in our interview, Jenn laughs.

“I should probably answer the favorite worship song. I’m sure everyone is dying to know.” Another laugh echoes through the Lakeland lobby. “I’ve been involved with the worship team since I started coming.”

Her eyes crinkle at the corners as a big smile spreads across her face. She settles deeper into the sofa as she reminisces on her Lakeland music roots. “I remember Chris coming to audition me in our duplex. Singing in a worship team and making up your own backing vocals you’re not like ‘Oh yeah, I got this.’ So I used to get an old Radio Shack tape recorder, I’d record myself singing and then take it home and practice. I needed a little help back in the day.” She pauses for a moment, reflecting on how music and worship have impacted her spiritual journey. “I feel like my songs are always evolving.”


I really love anything by Hillsong United, I think they’re geniuses. The one that Garrett did the creation sermon to was inspired by this song ‘So Will I.’ The first time I did it at Lakeland I was so emotional I couldn’t even sing.” Her hands fly up as her eyes grow bright, her body trying to convey the beauty of the song. “You get to the end and you’re just like ‘Oh my gosh’ because you fully realize God’s love for you. The band teases me about how emotional I get,” she adds with a spunky grin.

“O come, let us sing unto the Lord! Let us make a joyful noise to the rock of our salvation!”

-Psalm 95:1

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