As we wrap up our interview with Jenn Beard, Pastor Marta asks about Jenn’s frequent trips around the globe.

“You appear to everyone that you’re a world traveler, always on the go, not enough time to get with you, that you’re worldly and super smart.” A shy smile spreads across Jenn’s face at Marta’s praise. Marta continues: “You can say what you think but in actuality you’re extremely committed, extremely loyal, and you have a very strong foundation.”

Jenn laughs as one hand comes up to rest over her heart. “That’s helpful to me because I would say that I’m a person of my word and I fiercely protect friendships and relationships in my life in a way that…” Her voice trails off and a small V appears on her forehead as she remembers some of the challenges of being constantly on the go as a child.

“Growing up and moving a lot it was hard to keep solid relationships in my life. So when I met someone I really connected with it’s like “If I have to fly to see you twice a year I will” because I know how much of a gift it is to have someone who sees your good and bad and even a better version of yourself then you see while holding you accountable and pushing you to be better. So I hold on to them and I never want to let people down. I try to schedule my stuff around practice so I can be there for worship practice because I feel like I’m missing out, I can’t connect with people if I’m gone.”

When asked about her travels not just for work but for missions, Jenn’s eyes light up.

“I love traveling. There’s a big world out there. That to me is like connecting with people that are different than me, see people and eat food and smell smells that are different. It makes me feel alive and connected to the world.”

“The heart of man plans his way, but the Lord directs his steps.”

-Proverbs 16:9

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